Tuesday, November 16, 2010

101 ZFS capable operating systems

With today's announcement of Oracle Solaris Express 11 our choices for running a ZFS capable Operating System just got even more confusing. I wasn't able to find a list of the build numbers these Operating Systems are based on all in one place, so I'm going to keep a chart of the choices here, and if readers will contribute in the comments I will keep the chart updated. The build number gives you a good idea of how recent the ZFS feature set is. If any of these become true forks with divergent code and feature sets we won't be able to rely on a single build number to identify the features any longer.

As of November 15, 2010:
Updated November 22, 2010 to include the KQ Infotech and Lawrence Livermore National Labs native ZFS on Linux:

Oracle Solaris Express 11 2010.11b151alicensed for testing only,
encrypted fs
OpenSolaris 2009.06b111b
OpenSolaris (last dev)b134
Nexenta Core 3.0.1b134+Linux userland, CLI only
NexentaStor Communityb134+12TB limit,
web admin
NexentaStor Enterpriseb134 +not free,
web admin
FreeBSD 8.1pool 15no CIFS or iSCSI
Linux fuse 0.6.9pool 23low efficiency
KQ ZFSb121? pool 26Native Linux port
LLNL ZFSb147 pool 28Native Linux port
Belenix 0.8b1b111
Schillix 0.7.2b147
StormOS "hail"based on Nexenta
Milax 0.5b128asmall size
Korona 4.5.0b134KDE
EON NASb130embedded NAS

Please contribute info, links to distros, etc. and I will keep this page updated.
And yes, I know I didn't make it to 101 distros...
(Update: I have added this table to the ZFS Wikipedia article, where all future updates will go)

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