To try out the free video editor ‘HitFilm’ I made this montage of the fake show ‘Troy and Abed in the Morning’ from the show Community.

First I found out which episodes have Troy and Abed clips. I found a website with Community scripts, downloaded the scripts and searched for related clips, like this:

wget -r -l1
grep -l -i 'troy and abed' *
grep -l -i 'troy and \w+ abed' *

This gave me a list of episodes with key phrases like ‘Troy and Abed in the Morning’, ‘Evil Troy and Evil Abed’, ‘Troy and Abed in Stop Motion’, ‘Troy and Abed and Annie’, etc… I already have all the Community episodes as a video source.

I usually use Lightworks, but this time I used HitFilm to edit together the clips. I found HitFilm easier to use and more powerful as it has a full 2D and 3D compositor included in it, although Lightworks still wins for power-user keyboard shortcuts for trimming and rolling clips. Watch the result here:

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