Dave doesn’t think any of my jokes are funny. I keep trying but he always says the same thing, “That’s not funny”. So like all repetitive processes, I automated it. This page scrapes jokes from Reddit/r/Jokes and presents them here as texts to Dave.

I put a ‘Load more jokes…’ button at the bottom so you could see the true hopelessness of trying to tell jokes to Dave. I had an infinite scroll, but that got in the way of the Disqus forum at the bottom. The scraping is done in real time with all client-side JQuery so these jokes will be different every day, except for the first joke which is always there just to annoy Dave. Here is the Javascript code behind this.

Don’t blame me if any of these jokes are in poor taste. I didn’t write the jokes, I’m pulling them from Reddit. It’s very likely I have never even seen today’s jokes.

edit: I filter out NSFW jokes now. Even so, many of them are pretty harsh…

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